Sensory Rehabilitation LLC was established in 2017 with the sole
purpose of providing licensed skilled Professional therapy services to the clients. With the trust in
providing ideal patient care, we have built a team of highly skilled licensed professionals.
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Who We Are

Healthcare industry works tirelessly to provide exceptional care to everyone in need while facing many challenges. Challenges related to staffing, in particular, have become complex over the years and this is why Sensory Rehabilitation, LLC was established in 2017. We work to create and develop a supplemental workforce consisting of motivated, talented, and highly-qualified professionals who meet the needs of your patients and facility.
Sensory Rehabilitation, LLC is a premium provider of various health care services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nursing. We understand that each facility’s staffing needs are unique. So, we really focus on getting to know you and your organization prior to delivering a provider who is right for both you and your patients. Meeting the needs of our clients so they can continue to provide exceptional care to everyone without any staffing hurdles is the energy that drives us forward.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission 
The mission of Sensory Rehabilitation, LLC is to meet the equitable needs of our clients so that they have the necessary resources to reach their highest potential. Each member of our team focuses on the shared goal of improving healthcare experience and outcomes for all patients by providing exceptional medical staffing services. 
Our vision is to continually seek to be an exceptional, patient-centered healthcare staffing organization that you can always trust. We will achieve this by connecting you with highly-qualified, compassionate, and driven professionals who will provide the highest level of service in achieving the mission of your organization. 
Build a collaborative, trusting community through which we can all empower one another to reach our highest potential. 
Provide exceptional, patient-centered healthcare services to increase positive experience and outcomes. Meeting the equitable needs of our patients is the heart of our mission. 
Strive to continually learn innovative skills, strategies, and knowledge to provide exceptional care to everyone we serve. 
Foster a culture of care, trust, honesty, respect, and benevolence. We care about YOU and our community. 

About Us

Our Services

This team is leading Sensory in making strong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and requirements, and providing finest services to the healthcare organizations and their patients. Along with the care needed for the patients, the team understands the importance of timely submission of quality documentation. Communication being the most important aspect of this team work for effective outcome. 
We team covers tri county and Washtenaw county.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

We provide licensed physical therapy who are trained to work in multiple work environment, outpatient clinic and home care. Physical therapists evaluate patients’ and develop individualized plan of care for
them. Physical therapy assistants then follow this plan to achieve the goal of the plan. As a team, they
work with the patients and their family to educate about the recovery process.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists (OTs)

An Occupational therapist focuses on improving a patient’s ability to perform daily activities. Our
licensed occupational therapists are highly skilled in developing physical rehabilitation plan to help the patients to regain their lost skills. These therapists are highly experienced, working in skilled nursing facility as well as home care.

Speech Therapy
Speech Language Therapists (SLPs)

Our licensed Speech Language therapists provide the skilled care needed in speech and language
disorder, social and cognitive communication, and also dysphagia (eating and swallowing disorders). Our SLP’s are experienced in identifying the disorder and assessing the cause, defining and delivering the
treatment plan.

Skilled Nursing
Skilled Nurses (RNs and LPNs)

Our experienced Registered nurses can monitor medication, IV’s and wound care. Their experience helps in judging patient care management and timely document all as per company requirements. Our
experienced LPNs provide assist RNs in daily caring for the patients, such as monitoring patients’ vitals and administrating medication.

Skilled Nursing
Immigration Services

We sponsor H1-B visa and Green Cards for skilled professionals.
We have 100% approval record regarding employment visa petitions.

What Our Team Says

"I have been working for Sensory Rehabilitation staffing company from the very beginning. As an Non-immigrant employee, one needs to be sure that you work for a company that understands importance of prompt and timely filling paperwork for one’s immigration needs. Sensory Rehabilitation LLC has been very concerned and cooperative regarding it. This company values their staff members."

James Nash


"An honest and professional staffing company managed by the therapist, with highest levels precision and values professional judgment of the team members on every assignment."

Jan Shaik

Jan Shaik Ahmad, 
Team member with Sensory since 2018 

Our team


John Sheikh
Jan Shaik

Ashish Salvi

Contact Us


Sensory Rehabilitation LLC
4413 Reilly CT Troy 48085


+1 (248) 385-4944

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